Approach new

At SKS we aim to deliver innovative solutions and pride ourselves on our hands-on quality driven approach to every project. Our dedication to excellence begins with our commitment to research and design, procurement of latest technologies and staff training. Our broad ranging experience includes commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, health, government, medical and education applications. This expertise means we can advise on all aspects of system design, operational functionality and regulatory compliance, complemented by the latest IT developments.
Our strong links with manufacturers uniquely positions us to propose best-in-class components for each project, while the expertise of our technical sales teams enables us to become the type of partners that turn challenges into accomplishments. At SKS, we challenge the conventional by producing technology and software system solutions that guarantee our clients the most efficient, durable and reliable performance. It is our goal to become a trusted technical partner our clients can rely on.

It is this philosophy and approach that has enabled us to build a thirty-year relationship with many international suppliers, a network of consultants and contractors, and forge links with some of Ireland’s foremost public institutions.

Our approach to projects involves five stages:

When we meet a client, existing or new, we aim to understand their specific needs by gathering all necessary information to establish the exact requirements and expectations of the given project. The clients’ performance criterion, budget and schedule are foremost in our minds. We carry out site surveys to ascertain the projects’ implicit challenges and review drawings to confirm the scope of the requirement. At this stage we establish the range of technology available for the project, choosing components that demonstrate value for money, superior functionality, adaptability and durability.
All systems are designed with the purpose of the project, and the operational requirements of the client in mind. Reliability, performance, maintenance and return on investment are also considered. Our design process has two stages. Firstly, we propose a range of technical solutions for the project. Secondly, we develop those solutions in collaboration with the client, architect or engineer to create a customised system that meets the expectations of the client.
To ensure a smooth process, our approach to the implementation of a project is flexible. Depending on the clients’ needs, we can provide turnkey solutions or supply equipment and support with configuration, commissioning and certification. We work with each client to identify the best approach. An experienced project manager is appointed to each project to liaise with the client for the duration of the project. The project manager provides a single point of contact for the client and deals with all aspects of implementation including financial, technical and operational.
SKS provides support for all our projects and also for legacy third party systems. We employ a team full time experienced and qualified AV and IT technicians. We have a fully equipped Service Centre at our premises, ensuring we can rectify faults and replace equipment efficiently and with minimum downtime.
At SKS, our advanced technical edge comes from a well-established approach to electronics: bench testing. This fail-safe approach enables us to customise and build our next generation audio, video and CCTV systems. In real terms, this means that no system leaves SKS without first being subjected to rigorous testing by our team of AV and IT technicians.