At SKS our thirty plus years of electronics experience enables us to provide our clients with bespoke CCTV and Audio systems and services characterised by the following skillset:

System Integration

Combining expertise with state of the art technology allows us to create systems that offer superior functionality, adaptability and reliability. We customise system architecture and applications, integrating them with new and existing hardware, custom software and communications. Our expertise in Audio Visual, CCTV, Conferencing, Communications and IT, enables us to work with technology and surpass the expectations of our clients.

Fibre Optic Transmission

In 1984 SKS installed its first CCTV system using fibre optic cable to transmit signals long distances and without interference. Today, all our fibre optic systems are designed and installed by our own team of technicians providing end-to-end solutions.

Wireless Transmission

We deploy microwave technology for wireless transmission of CCTV images in locations where fibre optic cables cannot be accessed or routed. Wireless transmission systems allow for real-time video, audio and control of CCTV cameras. In recent years we have installed point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections to connect high definition IP cameras and free space optics where faster network speeds are required.

Video Management Systems

SKS deploy the latest in Video Management System (VMS) technology which provide the management, recording and viewing of multiple CCTV cameras – either IP or analogue. Our VMS solutions are scalable from 32 to 2000 channels and operate as a virtual matrix to supports the switching of multiple images via multiple monitors and client workstations. Our VMS manages all IP and digital video and audio, plus all the security data being transmitted across an IP network. It seamlessly combines IP cameras and encoders, provides systemwide event and alarm management, system health monitoring, user and priority management. Each workstation is configured to permit or restrict access based on staff privilege and a complete audit trail can be provided. The system fully meets with and conforms to the stringent requirements of the latest General Data Protection Regulation as issued on 25thMay 2018.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics uses software to analyse video streams captured by surveillance systems. It can involve the real-time analysis of video content to detect events of interest or analysis of pre-recorded content in order to extract key information. This is now the preferred method for reviewing and capturing video segments containing an event of interest, and because of its efficiency, Video Analytics significantly increases the value of any CCTV surveillance system.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote Monitoring is the observation and monitoring of alarms and CCTV images by a 24-hour remote monitoring station to ensure that security breaches are captured on video in real-time. SKS’s solution offers full protection for your business and can detect unauthorised activity at the premises outside of and during business hours. Trespassers are remotely detected and warned off with the aid of real-time audio warnings. Following a detailed site survey, our technical team can design, develop and install the detection system we believe is best suited to fully protect your business, property and assets.

Custom-built Video Walls

Our modular and flexible Video Walls for CCTV and AV presentation can be configured in a number of different ways, for example, camera splits; multiplex; large format presentation displays, real-time monitoring, or dynamic switching and are easily expandable.

Control Rooms

SKS meet with our clients and design complete Control Rooms incorporating Monitor Wall, operator consoles, LED support lighting and smart charging stations.  Our control room consoles and technical furniture is designed to our clients requirements. All control room furniture offers a 10 year guarantee and complies with the recommendations of BS11064 for control room design.

Digital Conference System

From small meetings to large international conferences, a Digital Conference System configured by SKS provides a range of functions from speaking and listening to delegates in foreign languages to video display and voting options such as multiple choice, opinion polling and audience response. At its most advanced level, a Digital Conference System supports 31 interpretation channels while modular software solutions offer complete conference management features such as attendance registration and access control using ID cards and/or pin codes. Wireless pocket receivers can also be used to give delegates greater freedom of movement. The system can interface with third party systems such as broadcast, building management and public address facilities.

Simultaneous Interpretation

At SKS our flagship Simultaneous Interpretation system is the Bosch Intergrus Infrared Language System, which offers superior digital audio distribution by using a higher frequency ban that is immune to distortion. The system offers up to 32 channels though is also fully secure and allows candidates to move around whilst also maintaining privacy. It gives candidates the ability to control microphones and record conference proceedings.

Induction Loop

Audio Frequency Induction Loop System (AFILS) provides accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing in public places. An induction loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, which reduces background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that can impact clarity of sound. SKS can connect induction loops to conventional public address systems, sound reinforcement systems or as a stand-alone system in a public place. Our induction loops comply with EN60118 Part 4.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking or White Noise Systems provide privacy for speakers in environments where sensitive information is being discussed such as commercial offices, courtrooms and medical facilities.

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