• Grand Canal Green Route CCTV system
  • Grand Canal Green Route CCTV system
  • Grand Canal Green Route CCTV system

Grand Canal Green Route CCTV system

This project included the supply, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance of a state of the art CCTV system including fibre optic network, electrical network, real-time live audio warning system, real-time graphic displays Smart Signs and video analytics.

The Green Route is a 8.5Km pedestrian and cycle route that links Davitt Road in Inchicore and the 12thLock in Lucan. It was constructed as a joint venture between South Dublin County Council, Dublin City Council, ESB Networks and Waterways Ireland.

A fibre optic network consisting of almost 16Km of multi-mode and single-mode cable is used as the means of real-time communications for the complete system.

The system includes 40 PTZ cameras, 25 fixed cameras, 80 external speakers, 16 channels of real time video analytics and 4 LED graphic display Smart Signs. Video analytics is used to detect loitering beneath bridges, graffiti detection beneath bridges and the removal of life buoys at the canals locks.

The complete system is controlled in real time from a dedicated control room which includes 3 operator consoles and almost 30 monitors.  The system is also monitored from a further 3 security rooms in real time.

The graphic display Smart Signs are operated from multiple network points and can be used to display individual road safety messages, promotional messages, graphic displays or video clips.

The CCTV poles, electrical supplies and electrical cabling were also completed by SKS as part of the project.