• Grange Castle Business Park
  • Grange Castle Business Park

Grange Castle Business Park

SKS supplied, installed and commissioned an upgrade to the legacy analogue CCTV system in Grange Castle Business Park. SKS also installed the original analogue system in the park and much of the control hardware and cameras had reached end-of-life.

A fully scalable Video Management System (VMS) including License Plate Recognition (LPR) was supplied and installed within the Facilities Management Building of the park. The VMS operates a virtual matrix control system which is used to operate a dedicated monitor wall.

There are over 40 cameras operating in the park including PTZ cameras, static cameras and LPR cameras. LPR cameras are used to capture vehicle registration plates of vehicles entering and leaving the park across 8 traffic lanes. Many of the legacy analogue PTZ cameras and all of the LPR cameras were replaced with new IP cameras and all were integrated to the VMS.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) operates on the IP cameras and automatic tracking is used to follow vehicles under observation within the park. The use of IVA greatly enhances the ability of security officers to effectively monitor the park and traffic routes in a time efficient manner.

SKS also installed the fibre optic network within the park and it consists of over 16Km of 48 core and 8 core cable. The 48 core cable forms the backbone of the network and it interconnects the Control Room with multiple entrance security posts. The 8 core fibre optic cable is distributed to interconnect multiple CCTV poles and a foul pump station to the fibre backbone.

We recently expanded the fibre optic network to interconnected the park with the new Grange Castle South Business Park and to South Dublin County Council’s own Corporate network enabling connectivity from the park to County Hall offices.

The CCTV poles, electrical supplies and electrical cabling were also completed by SKS as part of the project.