• Royal Canal Greenway IP CCTV system
  • Royal Canal Greenway IP CCTV system
  • Royal Canal Greenway IP CCTV system

Royal Canal Greenway IP CCTV system

The Royal Canal Greenway, managed by Fingal County Council, is a 3Km pedestrian and cycle route between Ashtown and Castleknock.

SKS supplied, installed, commissioned and maintain the IP CCTV system including the fibre optic network and electrical network. The CCTV system includes 13 IP PTZ cameras and 5 fixed IP cameras all of which are installed on purpose CCTV poles.

The system communicates over a single-mode fibre optic network and includes a rugged wireless radio link that is used to bridge an aquaduct that passes over the M50 motorway.

The system is recorded and managed via a fully scalable IP Video Management System and is expandable to 640 channels. The network can be expanded by up to 60Km in any direction and from any node of the system.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) operate on the cameras that monitor locks and route access points. The use of IVA greatly enhances the ability of system users to effectively monitor the critical areas of the route in a time efficient manner.

The system is monitored and managed from Fingal County Council offices via a dedicated client workstation. SKS too have the ability to run remote diagnostics on the system for the purpose of fault finding and system maintenance.

The CCTV poles and electrical network were also completed by SKS as part of the project.