• South Dublin County Council Traffic CCTV System

South Dublin County Council Traffic CCTV System

SKS supplied, installed and commissioned a Milestone Corporate Video Management System (VMS). The VMS manages the entire traffic network of CCTV cameras and devices which are controlled in the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) in County Hall Tallaght. The video streams are viewed in the TMC via Milestone Monitor Wall software appliance on a large dedicated monitor media wall.

SKS successfully upgraded the TMC with a state-of-the-art and modern modular and fully scalable Evolution monitor wall. It includes 10 x 49” purpose 24/7/365 LED monitors. One large 3 operator console was installed and it includes 3 workstations each with 2 x 22” purpose 24/7/365 monitors. 2 single operator consoles were also installed for management use. Each workstation includes a pop-up module complete with a power, network and USB point for ease of use. The new control room follows the guidelines specified within BS11064, parts 1-7, and in accordance with the demands of modern ergonomics.

The CCTV system consists of approximately 120 pole mounted cameras all of which are PTZ roving type. There is a mixture of analogue PTZ cameras and IP HD PTZ cameras. The older analogue PTZ cameras are converted to a digital stream using analogue to digital encoders and these together with the IP cameras are networked to the TMC.

SKS have supplied, installed and commissioned much of the 47Km countywide fibre optic network. A Gigabit fibre optic network has been built countywide and it is managed from the TMC. There are currently over 300 IP devices on the network. Many of the CCTV poles, electrical supplies and electrical cabling were also completed by SKS as part of the on-going project.